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ly I stumbled ▓half way up each succeeding ●slop

e.The 154shifting sands muffled to silence▓ my foot

steps.On the summit of the ridges sound●ed a low moaning of


the wind, rising ●and falling like far-off sobbing.A● creative imagination might easily have pe▓opled the surrounding blackness wi▓th flitting fo


rms of murderous nomads.Somewh●ere among these never-ending ridges the ▓“staked faranchee” had been done● to death. Mile after mile the w▓ay led on, rising and falling● as


rhythmically as though over ●and over the same sandy billo●w.Sunset had dispelled the rain, but▓ not a star broke through the ov●ercast sky, and only

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mm●it of a ridge to search for the glimmer o●f a distant light and to strain my▓ ears for some other sound than the wailing▓ of the wind and the muffled thunder o●f the ocean.But even Napoleon was once forced● to build a hill from which to▓ sweep the horizon before he could▓ orientate himself in this bill▓owy wilderness. The surly peasant was l●ong since forgotten when, descendin▓g a ridge with my feet raised● high at each step in anticipation ▓of a succeeding ascent, I plunged into a ●slough in which I sank almost t▓o my knees.From force of

habit● I pl

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the wind from off the sea▓ blew stronger and more chilling.Sud●denly there sounded at my feet the r●ush of waters.I moved forward cautiou●sly and felt the edge of what seemed t▓o be a broad river, pouring seaward.It ●was an obstacle not to be surmounted ▓on a black night.I drew back ▓from the brink and, finding a ●spot that seemed to offer some r▓esistance beneath my feet, th●rew myself down. But I sank ●inch by inch into the morass, an●d fearful of being buried before morning, I rose▓ and wandered towards the sea.On a● slight rise of ground I stum

bled over a

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ilt a bed of stones under the lee of the● pile, tucked my kodak in a crevice●, and pulling my coat over my head, lay ●down.A patter of rain sounded on the coat, t●hen another and another, faster ▓and faster, and in less than a minute there● began a downpour that abated not once▓ during the night.The heap afforded sma▓ll protection against the piercin●g wind, and, being short and semicircu●lar in shape, compelled me t▓o lie motionless on my right side, for only my ●body protected the kodak and films beneath.The▓


rain quickly soaked through▓ my clothing and ran in rivu●lets along my skin.The wind t●urned colder and whistled through the ch▓inks of the pile.The sea boomed in


ces●santly, and in the surrounding marshes 155●colonies of unwearying frogs croake●d a dismal refrain.Thus, on the fringe ●of the Mediterranean, I watched ●out t


he old year, and, though not a ●change in the roar of the sea, the t●attoo of the storm, nor the note of a frog●, marked the hour, I was certai▓nly awake at the w

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